Willow Brook Farms (the “Farm”) is located approximately 4 miles north of the Village of Millerton, New York just off of Route 22. The Farm was purchased by the Beneke family in 1943 and is currently being managed by Kenneth Beneke (3rd generation) and Henry Beneke (2nd generation). The Farm is comprised of approximately 425 owned acres and 500 rented acres.

The Farm is primarily a dairy farm with a herd consisting of 325 head (Registered Holsteins & Jerseys), of which 115 are milked. The Farm also breeds, raises and sells high profile Holsteins & Jerseys.

In addition, the Farm is currently raising beef cattle and pork, as well as producing sweet corn and various other produce. Our pork and beef is hormone and antibiotic free. In the summer months, look for our blue corn stand on Route 22 and visit us each Saturday at the Millerton Farmer’s Market, where we sell our pork, beef and sweet corn. Pork and beef may also be purchased at the Farm.

The Farm also sells premium hay and has a custom bailing service. Feel free to contact us regarding our products and services.

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